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1. cick on the specie of your choice left column below and click |
2. you visit your catogorie of De Jong Marine Life in a separate window |
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4. copy / past the number + name and send us an Email with the quantity

A few words about us.
We are specialized in all sealife and are part of where you can order Aquarium Supplies and find all the Brand names. We are located in the Netherlands and the largest aquarium & sealife specialist in Europe, with always more than 20.000 fish, invertebrates and corals directly available.
With our Arrive Alive Guarantee you can order in confident, because in the unlikely event your order doesn’t arrive alive we will give you a store credit for the paid amount for the sealife. We give this guarantee, because we take great care to ensure the sealife will arrive alive and in the best possible condition. read more

All the exclusive live stock & products on our site are from the best quality you can get for your saltwater aquarium. These products are especially for people that want to take there aquarium to the next level. We hope you enjoy shopping at Direct

Direct Sealife guarantee that in the unlikely event our sealife doesn’t arrive alive, we will add a store credit to your account for the amount paid for the died sealife. The store credit stays available for 1 year after its added to your account. We can give this guarantee to our customers, because we give great care to our sea life, its very unlikely that your order doesn’t arrive allive.