Cala d‘Or


39° 22’ 4.8” N


3° 13’ 34.7” O


Large marina with all facilities in a lively holiday town.

The marina has all facilities: Water and electricity on the pontoons, showers and supermarket ashore. Fuel on the south pier, boat yard with 65 ton travellift and all facilities for repairs. Numerous bars, restaurants and shops in the near vicinity, a laundry is about one kilometre away.

NV. Hafenlotse


Cala Llonga, in which the marina Cala d’Or is situated, is only about one mile north-east of Porto Petro. Approach and entry are easy and straightforward. This bay consists of three smaller inlets - Cala Llonga with the marina, Cala sas Donas, and Cala Gran.

The main entrance is deep and without dangers. A buoyed channel leads through Cala Llonga to the marina. This channel is claimed to maintain a depth of at least 2,5 m.


There are over 500 berths for yachts up to 26 m length. Depths 3 to 1,5 m. A swell can run into the marina in strong easterly or south-easterly winds. Temporarily moor to the south pier and have a berth allocated or, better still, contact the harbour office before arrival.


Max. Tiefe 2.5 m


Telefon +34 971 65 70 70
VHF Kanal 9




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