Porto Colom


39° 25’ 17.5” N


3° 15’ 40.9” O


Berthing at the local sailing club in a very sheltered natural harbour, which also offers various anchorages.Water and electricity on all pontoons, showers ashore both at the club and by the communal pontoons. Fuel is available from a fuel pier by the town and there are restricted possibilities for smaller, simple repairs. Bars, restaurants, supermarkets and laundry in the actually quite pleasant town.

The water in the bay is often muddy and not ideal for bathing, but the old town of Porto Colom is worth visiting.

NV. Hafenlotse


Approach and entry are straightforward. The black and white lighthouse on Punta de ses Crestas, on the starboard

side of the entrance, can be identified from far off. Entering the bay may become difficult in strong southern or eastern winds.

The entrance itself is deep and without dangers as long as one stays in the middle. Depths in the entrance are around 10 metres, slowly shoaling towards the inner bay, on to about 3 to 4 metres in the middle of the inner bay.


To the pontoons of the sailing club, at the very end of the bay, bow or stern to with laid mooring lines. Suitable for yachts up to 20 m long, but depth is only 2 m. Alternatively, go to the two communal pontoons south of the club, directly in front of the town, also mooring bow or stern to with laid mooring lines. These places can however become untenable in strong southeasterly winds.


Max. Tiefe 3.3 m


Telefon +34 971 824 683
VHF Kanal 9









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