Great Guana - Orchid Bay Marina

Marina near Hope Town

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26° 39’ 54.4” N


77° 53’ 21.7” W


This modest settlement of a hundred inhabitants has several resorts and a phenomenal beach. There are few services on the island, which offers solitude with its seemingly endless beaches. A ferry sails to Marsh Harbour.

NV Cruising Guide


From the north, head southeast along the south shore of Great Guana to reach the harbor. From the southwest or southeast, approach Settlement Harbour (Guana Cay Harbour) to within 3 to 4 mi. A rocky, marked jetty extends off Delias Cay northwest of the harbor and poses a hazard to boats entering Fishers Bay to the north. Protected by a small breakwater, Orchid Bay Marina also sells gasoline and diesel.

The island's south coast offers modest protection from north to east winds, but is heavily exposed to all winds from the west. If you can find a spot away from the moorings, you will be protected on all sides in the harbor. The grassy bottom in the harbor makes it difficult for a Danforth to hold, so choose a mooring at Dive Guana instead. Fishers Bay, north of the harbor, offers good protection from the south. Exit the rock bar southwest of Delias Cay before approaching Fishers Bay. A submerged rock bar on the north side of Fishers Bay is marked by a piling. The resort has a mooring for dinghies here. The dive shop maintains moorings in the bay. Further north, Crossing Bay offers shelter from northerly winds at 2 meters. Here you can go ashore by dinghy at the Guana Seaside Village mooring.  

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.9 m


Phone +1 242 365 5175
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