Boat Repair & Boatyard near Wendtorf

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54° 25’ 14.7” N


10° 17’ 27.4” E


The storage facilities were completely renovated in 2021.
Boat yard with winter storage.
Stores boats outside with standing mast if required.
Travel lift: 23 to
Crane: 8,4 to
Mast crane

The boat yard is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Operations manager:
Matthias Hitschler
+49 176 490 967 24

The boat builder Leif Reincke ist hosted in the boat yard and performs yacht service and repairs:
Bottsand Bootsbau
Leif Reincke
+49 176 282 412 22


Address Werftstrasse
24235 Wendtorf
Phone +49 4343 9588
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website www.ringwerft.de


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