Hafen Wremen

Marina near Wurster Nordseeküste

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53° 38’ 50.3” N


8° 29’ 37.6” E


Very touristy fishing and yacht harbour in the dyke foreland.

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The approach is made from the Wurster Arm via the pronounced tideway "Wremer Tief". The harbour and the tideway are dry. The pricks are on the north side of the fairway, so they are "red" pricks. Halfway and shortly before the lighthouse there are also some green pricks, watch out! The entrance is a bit tricky. The colour markings are partly hard to see. From the harbour to the Wurster Arm it is about one nautical mile. Approach from sea is first the buoy W16. Then look for the outermost beads (pair of beads), or red buoys. There are 4 of them. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach the harbour from HW. It is recommended to enter before HW, because then after grounding you can get free again by waiting.


Guests will find dry-docking berths at the quays to the north and south of the Sielhafen. At the northern approx. 170m long quay there are also some cutters. Five pieces if all are there.


Many restaurants as well as sufficient supply possibilities in approx.1km distant Wremen.

On the south pier stand approx. half a dozen booths, at which fish, Brat and Currywurst as well as cold beverages are feilgeboten. Guest berth holders only have to walk a few fathoms to get here.

On the landward edge of the village is a railway station with mostly hourly connections to Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven.

In the village is a small supermarket with everything necessary. A cash machine is also available.

For culture provide, among other things, two museums. Once the Curious Shell Museum and the Museum of Wadden Sea Fishing. The latter has an outdoor exhibit, the wooden crab cutter WRE 2 Koralle.

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