Wassersportverein Rechtenfleth

Marina near Hagen im Bremischen

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53° 23’ 3.2” N


8° 30’ 23.9” E


Small sports boat harbour of the Wassersportverein Rechtenfleth.

NV Cruising Guide


The small harbour is located in the foredike land of Inkersfleth. The entrance is south of the Buhne 76 over a dryfalling, augeprickte channel. Entry with 1.4m draft ca.3 hrs. before and after high tide.


The tidal harbour falls dry.

On the long jetty only shallow-laid vessels should moor, as there is only a thin, soft layer of silt here. 

In the boxes vessels up to 1.70 m can sink into the silt without any problems. 


There is a toilet at the top of the sheet pile. There is electricity and water at the jetties. 

The harbour is affiliated to the Free Port Agreement of the FSB. 

Costs for electricity, water and mooring fees can be seen in the HomePage or in the showcase. 

Nearby is the restaurant Mensing. 

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m
Berth Width 3.5 m
Berth Length 12 m


Phone +4947021212
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website https://wvrf.de/







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