Schlei - Steganlagen

Marina near Winnemark

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54° 37’ 2.3” N


9° 55’ 25.7” E


Mooring possibilities between Arnis and Lindaunis

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WINNEMARK (see Schlei 1) 54° 37.2'N 009° 55.4'E

Campground jetty with 1.4m water depth at the head, 0.5sm south of Arnis.

KARSCHAU (see Schlei 1) 54° 37.1'N 009° 53.2'E

The campground jetty with 2.2m water depth at the head is 1.5sm southwest of Arnis. Bridge is managed by the campground across the road. Only lies quietly in northwesterly wind.

SIESEBY (see Schlei 1) 54° 35.8'N 009° 51,'E

Listed small village about 3sm south of Arnis. The pier for the tugboat is at the bridgehead. On both sides pleasure craft can moor in the first third (at 1.5 - 1.8m water depth) on stern pilings. In onshore winds the berth is a bit choppy. There are no utilities, but 2 restaurants.

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Sieseby: The idyllic place with old half-timbered and thatched houses is also known for its exclusive inn (formerly "Schliekrog") with cultivated cuisine. Hidden between trees is the church, built around 1200, which shows several architectural styles. Among others the late romantic and the gothic have left their traces. The popular story goes that the church, which is well worth seeing, was built because of a clear indication from the very highest authority: where the church was later built, a piece of ground in the shape of a Christ cross had remained uncovered despite heavy snowfall. A less mysterious story is told of King Frederik's visit in 1833: Much to the astonishment of the pastor, the entire congregation left the church in a hurry during the clergyman's sermon. The baffled minister found his flock on the banks of the Schlei. There the king chugged past the cheering congregation on the first steamboat to sail the Schlei. The former ferry house of the village still stands on the bank of the Schlei near the jetty. It was built in 1872 - the year of the great storm tide. On many houses you can find the capital letters GAS, which means nothing else than that the houses were built by Gustav Anton Scheffler. Kaiser Wilhelm 1 was so highly regarded by the people of Sieseby that they dedicated a memorial stone to him in front of the church on 22 March 1897.

Winnemark: Mooring bridge for shallow-draught boats. The village beyond, set in delightful countryside, consists of only a few houses. But there is a restaurant and at the end of the village in the direction of Thumby a playground. Coming from Arnis, on the way to Winnemark, on the port side, there is the small headland Schwonsburg. A castle of the same name is said to have stood on this prominent hill during the early Middle Ages, but so far it has not been proven that the elevation actually conceals the remains of a castle. The strategic location of the small peninsula speaks in favour of this assumption, but there are no written records mentioning such a fortress.

Karschau: The jetty, located 1.5 nm southwest of Arnis, belongs to the campsite situated on the other side of the shore road. There you can also find a kiosk and a restaurant.

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