Ommel Klevenbro

Marina near Ommel

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54° 52’ 10.6” N


10° 28’ 47.6” E


Small village east of Ærøskøbing with jetty inside the deep Kleven Bay.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach to the unsettled and unlit bay is only recommended during the day. Between the island of Dejrø and the "Ommelshoved Flak", the approach is 180° towards the eastern end of the island of Lilleø, until you can enter the middle of Kleven Bay at 135°. Inside the bay, you steer between the large dolphins towards the head of the jetty.


Limited mooring at the bridgehead in 2m of water. The tiny harbour to the east of the village offers no space for guests.


No supply, no water, no toilet.

NV Land Guide

The jetty of the small village northwest of Marstal offers space for only a few boats. The bay Kløven and the scenic surroundings make Ommel a worthwhile destination, especially if you are looking for peace and quiet, but due to the lack of supplies, it is likely to remain mostly a short detour.

Although there is no sign of it today, Ommel was once a shipping port with popular anchorages for sailors. In addition, the bay was an ideal winter berth for sailing ships from Marstal and Ærøskøbing, because the low ice conditions hardly caused any problems.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2 m


Phone +45 30 58 33 19




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