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54° 55’ 36.8” N


10° 29’ 58.6” E


Small island with in the newly renovated small marina in the Danish South Sea. 

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The approach is possible via the unlit "Mørkedyb" fairway only during the day. A small designated channel leads from the red buoy of the fairway at about 20° into the harbor.

Ferry channel was reported at 2.5m in September 2020. 

June 2022: with 1.85m draft no entry possible; sit up about 20m before entry.

July 2022: entry has been digged out to 2,50m depth again


Few places on 1.6 - 2m water depth. The jetty of the mail boat must remain free.


No utilities, not even drinking water at the port.

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If there are fox and hare on the island, then they say good night to each other here certainly often. Because on the one hand the island is so small that the two can go badly out of the way, on the other hand the sleepy Birkholm is probably the ideal place for such an event; here is namely nothing going on! But that is precisely the charm of the island in the Danish South Sea. Thus also the number of approximately 1000 sport boats, which moor in the small port annually, proves that the sport boatmen regard the isle as oasis of the peace and not as desolate wasteland.

Approximately 10 humans are to have their firm domicile on the island. For them, agriculture and fishing are the sources of income.

Provisions are available in the island kiosk at the meeting house only limited in the form of baked goods, ice cream to buy. Sometimes vegetables are also offered. At the fishermen you can get eel or Baltic crabs. Means of transportation on the island, which has a fine sandy beach, are wheelbarrow and handcart or bicycle. Locals use tractor or quad.

From floods, the flat Birkholm is now protected by dikes. This protection was missing when the island was almost completely destroyed during the great floods around 1870.

Trips to Ærø are no problem. To Marstal goes on weekdays a mail boat, registration is required.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2 m







Public Transport



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