Lindaunis Sportboothafen

Marina near Lindaunis

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54° 35’ 13.2” N


9° 49’ 9.5” E


North of the bascule bridge is the Lindaunis marina.

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The marina is easy to approach, as the jetties reach into the deep waters of the Schlei.

At the head of the northeastern jetty is the landing stage for passenger ships.


The marina north of the bascule bridge offers guest berths in 3.5m of water, protected by a sheet pile wall to the northeast.


The possibilities of supply in the nearby village Lindau are limited.

In the manor is now the "Café Lindauhof" and a shop to browse. A short way over the bridge to Schwansen and you are in the café of "Obsthof Stubbe" and can also pick fruit yourself.

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The Lindaunis bascule bridge was built in 1925 for three means of transport at the same time: The car, the railway and the ships. On the narrow roadway with built-in rail track, the railway has the right of way. At three quarters of an hour, the pleasure boats have the right of way. The immovable part of the structure originates from a bridge that formerly spanned the Kiel Canal, so it was already "recycled goods" at the time of its commissioning on the Schlei.

The Lindauer Noor northwest of the bascule bridge is particularly scenic and also one of the largest Schlei bays. In this bay, which can only be navigated by boats with a shallow draught, lies the Lindauhof estate, which has a chequered history. Initially, a castle stood here, about which little more is known today than that it was an old royal estate.

The knight Otto Rathlow and his wife Apollonia, as owners of the estate in the early 16th century, had a gravestone hewn, which is more like a memorial stone. It shows the couple in a proud, status-conscious posture rather than in humble prayer. The relief-like, flat stone stands in the church of Boren, about four kilometres north of Lindau. Otto Rathlow died in 1551, leaving behind a son who became known for his inhumanity. Numerous witch burnings in the 16th century can be attributed to the landowner Bertram Rathlow. On pain of punishment, he is also said to have demanded that churchgoers salute his hat, which was placed in front of the place of worship. It was not until around 1780 that Christian VII gave the subjects of the manor their freedom and had the land parceled out for peasant positions. The manor house, built around 1550, served as a backdrop and "residence" of the said doctor for the television show "The Country Doctor"'. It resembles a farmhouse rather than a manor house from the outside, but has a spacious knights' hall inside.

One of the last silent witnesses to the miller's trade, which was still flourishing at the turn of the last century, is the Holländermühle in Lindau. Like many other mills on the Schlei, it now serves as a holiday home. Otherwise, Lindaunis is an elongated village consisting of only a few houses with a former railway station, which now serves as a restaurant.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3.5 m


Phone +49 1578 20 40 60 8
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