Marina near Dyreborg

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55° 4’ 19.2” N


10° 13’ 5.9” E


Small idyllic harbour 2sm south of Fåborg, usually crowded in summer 

NV Cruising Guide


The approach is possible day and night. Leave the buoyed and lit fairway to Fåborg (S12B1 plan) at the green light buoy [Fl(2)G. 5s], then steer 290° to the lit pier head (F.G) of Dyreborg. During the day keep clear of "Knoldsand" at the red buoy mark and then head for the harbour.


Guests moor if possible in the southern part of the small harbour on 2- 2.5 m water depth. Caution: The slip reaches far into the harbour. The northeastern breakwater remains free for fishermen. The jetty south of the harbour has only shallow water depths.

A usable anchorage can be found 200m south of the pier head.


There are very limited utilities in this scenic location.

NV Land Guide

The remaining fishermen still provide a tranquil harbour environment in the small complex surrounded by forest. Equipment sheds, ropes and fishing nets dominate the picture around the berths.

In the neighbouring forest there is a game reserve that is worth a walk. There are no longer wild boars here, but fallow deer can still be seen.

Dyreborg is an ideal place for extensive walks. Forest and orchards characterize the immediate surroundings of the village. Gourmets might be interested to know that fresh and freshly smoked fish is available in the village or from the fishermen. The merchant can be found at the western end of the village. In the south of the village there is a small gallery in Fiskervænget. There are also bathing possibilities west of the cottage area 'Knolden', about 1.5 km from the harbour.

East of the harbour there is said to have been a fortress which secured the entrance between Bjørnø and Horne Land. However, there are no longer any remains of the wall.

One of the sights in the area is the round church in Horne, about five kilometres away (see also Bøjden Bro).

Marina Information

Max Depth 2.4 m


Phone +45 2345254
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website http://www.dyreborg.nu/









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