Marina near Kerteminde

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55° 27’ 12” N


10° 39’ 59.7” E


Trade and fishing port with an offshore marina on the western shore of the Great Belt at Kertinger Nor.

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The approach to the fired commercial port is possible day and night.

Attention: Current in the commercial port, it can be in the normal case already 2 - 3kn and in storm to 5kn. The fire in line (2 Iso.R) is easily mistaken for traffic lights at night, so there are reflectors on the pier heads. The approach of the fired marina, on the other hand, does not pose any problems.


Guests will find plenty of space in the large modern marina at 1.5 - 2.5m water depth. Large yachts are best moored in the commercial harbour on the northern quay at 4.5m water depth. Caution is advised when mooring because of the strong setting current. The southern shore with its fishing harbour is closed to guest berthers.


There are very convenient and good supply facilities (including yachting supplies).

The diesel filling station is located in a blue container on the north side of the commercial harbour and is open daily from 0800-2000 hours.

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In the port area Kerteminde is certainly not a feast for the eyes because of the large silo, but otherwise well worth a visit. The townscape is especially appealing in the area of the St. Laurentius church at the market. The old town with many restored half-timbered houses follows. The year of construction of the church is unknown. It is only certain that the initially single-nave church was rebuilt into a three-nave one towards the end of the 15th century.

The development of the town also lies largely in the dark. What is known, however, is that the history of Kerteminde is closely linked to the history of Odense, because the small town on the east side of Fyn was a stacking yard for Odense. Odense itself did not initially have a port.

A huge town fire in the 16th century only temporarily dampened Kerteminde's boom, but much more drastically the Swedish Wars around 1660 put the brakes on the flourishing trade. The decisive factor for the economic decline was finally the construction of the Odense Canal, which meant that the town on the Odense Fjord was no longer dependent on Kerteminde's harbour. As a result, in the 18th century the town shifted so intensively to fishing that the amusing saying is said to have made the rounds: "In Kerteminde all the citizens are fishermen, with the exception of the mayor, because he stings eels".

That the Vikings had already settled here is proven by the discovery of a ship grave a few kilometres to the southwest near the village of Ladby (Vikingvej 123). The pharmacist and amateur archaeologist Poul Helweg Mikkelsen had noticed an elongated mound in 1934. Iron nails found there left no doubt that an old wooden ship had been lying here. The bow of the largely rotten ladby ship was oriented exactly to the south. Today, a museum hall stands over the ship's grave. Built for 16 rowers on each side, the 22-metre-long and 2.80-metre-wide ship was a racer designed for calm seas.

The buried man must have been a powerful man, for the skeletal remains of eleven horses and several dogs, silver objects, and gold-interwoven cloth indicate an extremely wealthy chief for the time of Gorm the Old. However, there is no trace of the corpse.

The landmark of Kerteminde is the Swan Mill. It is located on the outskirts of the town in the north on Møllebakken. Originally a Dutchman's mill with cloth sails, it was built in 1853 and is now a mill museum. Inside the mill, which is occasionally put into operation, an intact grinder can be seen.

Crafts occupy a large space in Kerteminde's museum at Langegade 8. For example, the Farvergården, built in 1630, displays the former tools of saddlers, shoemakers, clogmakers, wainwrights, sailmakers, blacksmiths, photographers and clockmakers.

A small feature in Kerteminde is the Høkeren, an old merchant's shop in Trollegade, although it is only open from June to August. The shop's interior corresponds to a retail store from the turn of the century. The grocer's office can also be visited.

From loose flour, loose groats, salted herrings and rock candy to freshly tarred manila rope and handmade earthenware, the range of goods on offer is extensive.

The Johann Larsen Museum (Møllebakken) is an art museum with paintings by the artist of the same name, who was born in Kerteminde in 1867 and was one of Fyn's great painters.

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Max Depth 4 m


Phone +45 65151537
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Aufgrund der Bauarbeiten an der Mole nur vier Sterne, da die Steinbewegungen doch recht laut sind. Die Mole auf der Hafeneinfahrtseite zum Binnenhafen darf nur am Wochenende belegt werden, wenn keine Bauarbeiten stattfinden. Das Anker Restaurant direkt am Hafen ist wieder geöffnet und bietet eine sehr gute Karte.
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Lars.lichtenberg, Caleta
Viel Platz und viele freie Boxen. Toller Ort mit einem sehr guten Bäcker. Supermarkt ist nahe dran. WLAN ist auch super.
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Tspitzmueller, Next Voyager
Tolle Stadt mit Freizeitangebot. Buchbar sin aber nur zwei Plätze im ganzen Hafen. Die sin auf Wochen natürlich ausgebucht. Für größere Schiffe 34-42ft gibts meist keine Box, weil die geeigneten in sehr ignoranter Weise von kleinen Boten belgt werden, die dann si schön viel Platz um sich haben. Man liegt dann am Stegkopf im Päckchen.
06.08.2020 09:10

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