Marina near Nyhamnsläge

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56° 14’ 40.9” N


12° 31’ 53” E


Small, local pleasure boat marina southeast of Kullen.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach to the lighted harbour is only recommended during the day. From the shallow buoy (WP 762), head northwest into the entrance. Since the entrance tends to silt up and water depths can change, those unfamiliar with the area should only approach the harbour under very good weather conditions.


The harbour is very busy with local boats and offers hardly any guest berths. If you're lucky, you'll find a place alongside the north-western breakwater at a depth of 1.6 m - or you'll be moored with a stern buoy on the place of an absent mooring.


Besides very basic toilet facilities and fresh water, you won't find any utilities.

NV Land Guide

As far as limited space is concerned, the very small fishing and pleasure boat harbour is no exception among the harbours between Helsingborg and the Kullen beacon. With a maximum of three berths, it is even far below the average. Compared to Viken, Domsten and Lerhamn, however, it offers the advantage of some supply facilities.

A small post office, a bank and a grocery store are located "upstairs" in the village. An anchor and a cannon in the harbour remind of the old seafaring times. For the rest, the picturesque location of the houses on the Sound is captivating.

Marina Information

Max Depth 1.6 m


Website https://nyhamnsbyalag.se







Public Transport



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