Marina near Rankwitz

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53° 56’ 3.5” N


13° 55’ 59.2” E


Small fishing and sports boat harbour on the Peene River, north of the Zecherin bascule bridge on Usedom.

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The approach is uncomplicated and possible day and night due to the well-lit fairway. The harbour is easy to spot. As soon as you can see into the harbour to the east of the fairway south of buoy 80 in the Peenestrom fairway, you head directly for the entrance. The short approach is not buoyed.


The harbour also offers space for pleasure craft. Entering on starboard, you can moor on stern piles and in front of the harbour basin on floating pontoons.

When the wind blows from WNW, there is a strong swell in the harbour.


The harbour has a lovely hinterland and has sanitary facilities. In the harbour you will find a very good fish shop with smoked fish and fresh fish. Next to it is a restaurant with outdoor seating in the garden. In addition, a delicious self-service snack bar. All with a view over the harbour. Since 2021 there is a small but well-stocked supermarket in the harbor, on the road. Other supply possibilities: 1.5 km north in Rankwitz.

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The harbour on the Lieper Winkel peninsula doesn't offer much space, but it is popular because of its quiet location in scenic surroundings and its opportunities for excursions into nature.

Although the elongated village starts at the harbour, you have to walk 1.5 kilometres to the grocery store and the restaurant "Zur Eiche"" of Rankwitz. Halfway you will find the remains of the former mill of the village, two well-preserved millstones and the mill well. On the mill hill you have an unobstructed view over the Peene river. The churches of Wolgast and Usedom can be seen from here.

We recommend walking along the coast to the northern Warthe and from there via Liepe back to Rankwitz as a hiking tip. A good place to rest on the way to Warthe is the Finnish hut settlement of Quilitz, which has become famous for the large Quilitz silver find, dating from around the year 1000.

2000 silver coins from various European and Arab countries, as well as arm and neck jewellery, have been found in the small settlement. In addition, 4000-year-old lance and arrowheads as well as scrapers, chisels and blades were discovered in several places on Lieper Winkel.

Quilitz is now a holiday home area consisting of thatched wooden cottages, a beach and a small harbour reserved mainly for residents. Between Quilitz and Warthe stretches a marshy lowland, criss-crossed by drainage ditches.

The excursion eastwards, to Lake Krienk, through extensive coniferous and mixed forests is no less charming.

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Phone +49 38372 70521
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Website https://www.hafen-rankwitz.de/









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