Eckernförde - Restaurant "Miral2

Restaurant near Eckernförde (Borby)

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54° 28’ 27.8” N


9° 50’ 22.6” E


Dear guests,

Welcome to the restaurant Miral, at the beautiful harbor in Eckernförde with a beautiful view of Alt-Borby. Let your soul dangle and with a glass of wine or to the food the fresh wind around the nose blow.

We prefer products from the closer region. We do without ready-made products. Everything we serve is freshly prepared for you. Our animal products come from the meadows, pastures as well as waters from the surrounding area.  However, in order to be able to offer you the variety of other delights, a small part of our ingredients also comes from other countries. However, we put our attention also here just as on the highest quality.


Address Schiffbrücke 11
24340 Eckernförde
Phone +49 43518921520


Falk vW, Chiara
21.03.2020 14:21

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