Marina near Barsø Landing

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55° 7’ 13.3” N


9° 33’ 2.3” E


Idyllic, small island at the exit of the Genner Fjord.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach to the unlit jetty is unproblematic during the day. At night, those unfamiliar with the area are advised not to do so.


The small, southern jetty on the western shore of Barsø Island may be used by pleasure boats. The ferry jetty north of it must remain free for island traffic. However, there is good anchorage ground south of the jetty. At shallow water depth, you lie in the shelter of the forested island.


No utilities on the island. Ferry connection to the mainland 5-8 times a day.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2 m




Volker, F.RIEDEL
Netter kleiner Hafen (6? Gästeplätze). Hafengebühr in Bar in Umschlag in Briefkasten eingeworfen. Toilette okay. Bei SO-Wind fürchterlicher Schwell im Hafen.
28.08.2022 12:15
Matze.koerber, Saltum
Schöner Hafen aber keine Duschen und furchtbar dreckige Toiletten
25.03.2021 12:50

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