Korshavn (Fyn)

Marina near Korshavn

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55° 36’ 15.8” N


10° 36’ 37.2” E


Popular natural harbour just south of Fyns Hoved.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach requires caution and binoculars, since the green pole with top mark and the rear beacon are difficult to see. Coming from the southwest, keep in line with the two beacons at 51°, pass the fairway mark and run towards the beacons until just before the shore. Then turn to the east and round the headland with a distance of about 150m to enter the bay.


The T-shaped jetty of the "OdenseSejlklub" usually offers little space in the season (2.5-3m depth, with stern piles). The jetty immediately south of this is reserved for fishermen. At weekends, the bay is often visited by Odense's sports boats...

The anchorages in the bay are quite sheltered, but you should take special care that the anchor is secure, as the good ground is partly silty...


Minimarket at the campsite 2km away. Electricity and water, otherwise no utilities and only basic sanitary facilities.

NV Land Guide

The natural harbour is a popular cruising destination, probably mainly because of the unspoilt landscape of the Fyns Hoved headland. A small area of weekend cottages is cleverly integrated into the landscape, and a camping site can be found about two kilometres away. As far as the harbour area is concerned, you can definitely speak of a lonely, deserted place, especially in the early and late season, when few pleasure craft moor here.

The small islands in the bay south of the harbour can be explored excellently by dinghy. In short, if you like seclusion and are looking for peace and quiet, Korshavn is just the place for you.

There is a grocer at the campsite, but if you want to buy bread rolls there outside the high season, you may be faced with closed doors. A sign at the harbour gives the opening hours, but you can't rely on it. So it is advisable to moor well supplied in Korshavn.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m


Phone +45 24230859
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website https://odensesejlklub.dk/wpos/korshavn-info







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