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54° 21’ 57.5” N


10° 8’ 26.4” E



A single occulting white light signal (without green or red) means recreational vessels should enter. At all other lights signals mean recreational vessels should not enter.

VHF Channels
Lock Brunsbüttel (Call: Kiel Kanal 1): VHF Channel 13
Tel +49 04852/885-252
Brunsbüttel to Breiholz (Call: Kiel Kanal 2): VHF Channel 2
Breiholz to Kiel-Holtenau (Call: Kiel Kanal 3): VHF Channel 3
Lock Kiel Holtenau (Call: Kiel Kanal 4): VHF Channel 12
Tel +49 0431/3603-152

Also state your possition as "inside" or "outside the canal"

If restricted visibility is suddenly encountered, recreation craft may moor at a suitable site on the stretch of canal.

Recreational vessels may only use the Kiel Canal (NOK) during defined daylight hours You need to plan your journey in such way that you can reach a designated berthing place in due time. This does not apply to entering or leaving the canal in Brunsbüttel or to the berthing places before the canal in Kiel

Beware of propeller wash from larger vessels.

Sailing is prohibited on the NOK but vessels may hois a sail as aid while under way using engine. A black cone pointing downs should be shown.

In the summer month a dedicated locking will usually take place with just recreational vessels at morning and afternoon. Pay attetention to messages on VHF / Loudspeaker and Text message board in Kiel.

Recreational Vessels with more than 20m length are required to transmit a AIS signal Class A or B. A transreciever may be rented for the passage in Brunsbüttel or Kiel.

Recreational Vessels exteeding 3.1m draft are required have a pilot on board.

Max speed on the canal is 15 km/h (8.1 kn).

On the Kiel Canal, you must keep as far to the right as possible. On certain sections, the minimum distance to be kept from the bank is indicated by signs to avoid shallow water.
Beware of suction effect caused by larger vessels.

Payment can be made at the following locations.
In Kiel: Harbourmaster of Tiessenkai in Kiel Holtenau and using the cash machines:
1. outside of the canal at the recreational craft berth west of Tiessenkai
2. inside the canal west of the Kiel Lock on the floating jetty on the north side.
Gieselau Lock: At the lock keeper
Occasionally in Brunsbüttel: Occasionally at Brunsbüttel at the recreational craft berth in the Kiel Canal (only if inspector present)

up to 10 m 12,- €
over 10 m to 12 m 18,- €
over 12 m to 16 m 35,- €
over 16 m to 20 m 41,- €
over 20 m 43,- €
for every additional meter 1,- €
rowing boats 6,- €

Signals entering the NOK
Entry prohibited
Entry for recreationl vessels
Entry prohibited, preparations under way
Entry only for vessels with pilots
Entry for vessels without pilots exept recreational vessels
Additional Signlals entering Locks
Entry only for vessels with pilots. Berthing in the middle.
Entry only for vessels with pilots. Berthing on the sides.*
Entry only for vessels without pilots exept recreational vessels. Berthing in the middle.
Entry only for vessels without pilots exept recreational vessels. Berthing on the sides.*
*white light next to the green light signal indecating the berthing side of the lock.

Vessel groups
Vessels traveling on the Kiel Kanal are classified in groups by the ships dimensions. Traffic is often regulated by these groups.

Group Length*Width*Draft Tug and Barge
1 45*55*9,5m
40*10*3,1 m
2 65*13*3,7m
3 120*19*6,1m
4 130*23*9,5m
5 200*25m*lt.Tb.
6 235*32,5m*lt.Tb.


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