Eckernförde Binnenhafen

Marina near Eckernförde (Borby)

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54° 28’ 27.9” N


9° 50’ 6.4” E


Small town at the western end of Eckernförde Bay with fishing, commercial and yacht harbours as well as a buoy field.
The inland harbour is mainly occupied by moorers and offer a small mooring for museum ships.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach to the harbours of Eckernförde is unproblematic day and night. One runs 310° towards the church of Borby. To the marina of the SCE one turns to the north, however, only if one has kept free enough from the mole of the naval port. At night the entrance is illuminated. Immediately west of the marina is the anchorage area of the SVAOE. To the town harbour one continues towards the church of Borby until the eastern pier head is passed. From here one either steers into the "Jaichhafen" or past the Handelskai to the inner harbour. At night one steers towards the Eckernförde light in the leading sector until the white sector of the harbour light (Oc.4s) is visible and then steers towards the harbour light with 295°. If you can make out the northern, illuminated pier head well, you keep towards it, pass it and run from here into the harbour by sight.


The bridge opening of the bascule bridge Eckernförde can be arranged with the harbourmasters of the Jaichhafen or with the public utilities Eckernförde. 
Jaich harbour: + 49 4351 72 02 11
Stadtwerker Eckernförde: +49 4351 905 0

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m


Phone +49 4351 72 02 11








Public Transport


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