Marina near Lübeck (Alt-Travemünde / Rönnau)

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53° 57’ 18.7” N


10° 51’ 43.7” E

Marina Information



Beckes, NISMO
Facilities are basic and some way away from the berths (in a container near the harbourmaster‘s office). Access to shore electricity requires you to insert coins, and not all access points work the same way (some want Euros, others 50 cents). Free berths are hard to find nowadays, there seems to be no way to book ahead, and quite a number of „red-labelled“ boxes are still unoccupied at 21:30. So they should do a better job of making their permanent berthholders announce a temporary absence. The harbourmaster is friendly and competent, and this marina is the closest to the town centre.
16.07.2021 21:27

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