Ilovik Stadt

Marina near Ilovik

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44° 27’ 42.3” N


14° 32’ 55.7” E


You enter the small ferry harbour through the 6m deep Ilovik channel and can moor at mooring places in the south of the harbour pier (3m water depth), the places on the north side are only free in the afternoon - electricity and water is available on both sides of the pier. When the last ferry leaves in the evening, you can use the ferry berth. The sanitary facilities are in the building of Kanoba Oliva.

The jetties in the southern part of the bay are occupied with small boats, but a good jetty for the dinghy. If all the places are occupied you can anchor at the southern edge of the village, otherwise there is  anchoring prohibited in the entire port area of the channel.

On the other side of the channel is the island of Sveti Petar, there are moorings all along the shore area of the channel. There is a taxi connection to the island, which is worth seeing, and you can visit the Benedictine monastery and the ruins of the Venetian fortress. To the north of Sveti Petar is the small cove of Prikodrazice, which is a good place for anchoring.

In Jugo, there is a strong swell in the Ilovik Channel from 4-5 Bft, making the moorings uncomfortable.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m












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