Warnemünde Mittelmole Bauarbeiten / Construction works

Navinfo near Rostock (Warnemünde)

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54° 10’ 57.6” N


12° 5’ 19.3” E


Starting in March 2020, works are in progress on the expansion of the marina on the central pier in the area marked in red north of the existing port basin.

Due to deconstruction and new construction work on the piers, jetties, shoreline walls, etc., temporary underwater and above-water obstacles as well as construction vehicles/working equipment used on the water side are to be expected.

In addition, dredging work is taking place outside the fairway in the area of the western pier Warnemünde and the Alter Strom.

The working areas are to be avoided at a safe distance and with increased attention, caution and consideration. This applies even if there are obviously no construction activities.

Changes may occur due to weather conditions and the course of events. If necessary, contact should be established with the construction vehicles/working equipment via VHF channel 73 (Warnemünde Traffic) or 16. The instructions of the Warnemünde traffic centre must be followed.


Matthias.ziegler, X-DREAM
Die Arbeiten im nördlichen Becken sind abgeschlossen, der Hafen kann im erweiterten Bereich verwendet werden.
10.10.2021 10:48

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