Brgulje - Boat Hbr.

Marina near Grad Zadar

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44° 13’ 35.1” N


14° 50’ 6.1” E


Small island harbor with fast ferry at the outer pier.
For guests there is a pier with mooring places in front of the small harbor of local boats.
In the passage between the village and the island of Brgulski moorings are available for a fee. At Jugo is in the whole harbor area unpleasant swell. If here the places are all occupied, you can find a quiet anchorage at the end of the "Brguljski Zalev" on 5m water depth.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m








Georg Isenbürger, 4Play
Landschaftlich sehr schön. €40 für eine Boje ohne Service ist recht teuer. Wider erwarten kein Schutz vor Bora. Starke Fallwinde aus NO von den Bergen.
15.10.2021 08:39

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