Vela Rava

Marina near Grad Zadar

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44° 1’ 26.1” N


15° 3’ 34.6” E


Vela Rava - small harbour on the larger island, in the interior of the bay are small piers that offer the local small boats schutz,  on the eastern outer side of the pier is 2.5m water depth to moor. The dock for the fast ferry to Zadar must be left free, but you can moor there in 3m water depth. There are also some moorings, some of which belong to one of the two restaurants, and a small shop which is only open for the time being. A beautiful shore path leads south to Villa Rava, a small restaurant on the shore , which also offers mooring places for its guests.

The old main village of the island of Rava lies further into the mountains of the  98m high island  and is bustling with holidaymakers, you can visit the church old school there.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2.5 m






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