Teupitzer Gewässer

Navinfo near Forsthaus Prieros

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52° 13’ 23” N


13° 45’ 47.7” E


At km 26, the 19 km Teupitz waters branch off to the southwest (federal waterway).
WT 1.5 m at MW (1.2 m at low water).
DH 3.8 m at MW (3.4 m at HSW).

Narrows and shallows are buoyed. The Dahme itself becomes a state waterway at this point.
The zHG on the state waterway (incl. Streganzer See) is 8 km/h. Further restrictions are signposted in the shore area.


Diekers, Kati
Sehr ruhiger See, wenig Bootsverkehr. Schöne Landschaften, viele Tiere.
15.09.2021 12:22

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