Weser and and Jade to Cuxhaven and Helgoland

Harbour Guide

Description of this region

Explore all harbours, marinas and anchorages along the Weser and Jade and the Wadden Sea to Cuxhaven. Tidal currents and water levels must of course be taken into special consideration and are comfortably and simply displayed in the NV Charts nautical charts and the NV Charts App, as is the current buoyage situation and all updates for the region.

Marina near Helgoland (Unterland)
Marina near Wangerooge
Cuxhaven SVC-Yachthaven
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
Schleuse Hooksiel
Marina near Wangerland
Cuxhaven LCF Yachthafen
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
Wangerooge - Alter Ostanleger
Anchor near Wangerooge
Bremerhaven - im-jaich Lloyd Marina
Marina near Bremerhaven (Mitte)
Nebenfahrwasser/ Secondary channels
Navinfo near Butjadingen
Helgoland Bunkerstation / Fuel station
Navinfo near Helgoland (Unterland)
Cuxhaven - City Marina
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
Marina near Otterndorf
Marina near Wangerland (Wiardergroden)
Helgoland Fahrwassertonne erloschen/ buoy unlit
Navinfo near Helgoland (Unterland)
Marina Hooksiel
Marina near Wangerland
Werft Hooksiel
Marina near Wangerland
Nord Ost Hafen Helgoland
Foto near Helgoland (Unterland)
Marina near Butjadingen (Fedderwardersiel)
Wilhelmshavener Segelclub Nassauhafen
Marina near Wilhelmshaven (Innenhafen)
Rüstersiel - Stadthafen
Marina near Wilhelmshaven (Rüstersiel)
Schleuse Weserstrand Elsfleth
Navinfo near Elsfleth
Hasenbüren - Sporthafen
Marina near Bremen (Seehausen)
Wilhelmshaven, Bauarbeiten
Navinfo near Wilhelmshaven (Innenhafen)
Hafen Wremen
Marina near Wurster Nordseeküste
Hooksiel - Alter Hafen
Marina near Wangerland
Segelclub Weserstrand Elsfleth
Marina near Elsfleth
Elbe, Mindertiefe
Navinfo near Hamburg
Marina Europahafen Bremen
Marina near Bremen (Walle)
Bremerhaven - WV Wulsdorf
Marina near Bremerhaven (Fischereihafen (Stadtteil))
Marina near Hamburg (Neuwerk)
Wassersportverein Hooksiel
Marina near Wangerland
Nordenhamer Sportboothafen Gemeinschaft
Marina near Nordenham (Großensiel)
Weser Yacht Club Bremerhaven
Marina near Bremerhaven (Geestemünde)
Marina near Bremerhaven (Fischereihafen (Stadtteil))
Weser Containerterminal
Navinfo near Bremerhaven (Weddewarden)
Bootswerft Reiners
Marina near Bremen (Burglesum)
WV Sandstedt
Marina near Hagen im Bremischen