Elbe from Hamburg to Cuxhaven and Helgoland

Harbour Guide

Description of this region

Explore all harbours, marinas and anchorages along the Elbe to Cuxhaven and Helgoland. The area offers a fascinating natural environment with the Wadden Sea World Heritage providing a great water sports area for motor and sailing boats. In addition to the sea route, the area can also be reached via the German inland waterway Elbe as well as the Kiel Canal (Nord Ostsee Kanal) from Kiel to Brunsbüttel and Elbe-Lübeck Canal. Tidal currents and water levels must of course be taken into special consideration and are comfortably and simply displayed in the NV Charts nautical charts and the NV Charts App, as is the current buoyage situation and all updates for the region.

Glückstadt - Außenhafen
Marina near Glückstadt
Marina near Helgoland (Unterland)
NOK Einfahrt Brunsbüttel
Navinfo near Brunsbüttel
Helgoland - Einschränkungen Südhafen
Navinfo near Helgoland (Unterland)
Cuxhaven SVC-Yachthaven
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
Helgoland Häfen - eingeschränkter Betrieb
Navinfo near Helgoland (Unterland)
Cuxhaven LCF Yachthafen
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
NOK Tagesfahrzeiten
Navinfo near Brunsbüttel
Cuxhaven - City Marina
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
Brunsbüttel Kanalhafen
Marina near Brunsbüttel
Helgoland Bunkerstation / Fuel station
Navinfo near Helgoland (Unterland)
Hamburger Yachthafen West-Anlage
Marina near Wedel (Lülanden)
Marina near Otterndorf
Hamburger Yachthafen Ost
Marina near Wedel (Lülanden)
Helgoland Fahrwassertonne erloschen/ buoy unlit
Navinfo near Helgoland (Unterland)
Wedel - "Elbesegel" Hauke Meyer
Sailmaker near Wedel (Schulau West)
Anchor near Hetlingen
Nord Ost Hafen Helgoland
Foto near Helgoland (Unterland)
Marina near Hamburg (Othmarschen)
Brunsbüttel Alter Hafen
Marina near Brunsbüttel
Anchor near Seestermühe
Leuchtturm Helgoland
Lighthouse near Helgoland (Oberland)
Glückstadt Binnenhafen
Marina near Glückstadt
Haseldorf WSC
Marina near Haseldorf
Yachtwerft Glückstadt
Marina near Glückstadt
Anchor near Glückstadt
Marina near Neuhaus
City Sportboothafen Hamburg
Marina near Hamburg (Hamburg-Mitte)
Krückaumündung Yachthafen
Marina near Seestermühe
Neuenschleuse AYC
Marina near Jork
NOK UKW Kanäle
Navinfo near Brunsbüttel (Ostermoor)
Elbe, Mindertiefe
Navinfo near Hamburg
Marina near Hamburg (Neuwerk)
Marina near Cuxhaven (Groden)
Altländer Yachtzentrum
Marina near Steinkirchen
Hetlinger Schanze WSV
Marina near Hetlingen
Marina near Wewelsfleth
Marina near Kollmar
Borsfleth Störloch
Marina near Borsfleth
Norder- und Süderelbe
Navinfo near Hamburg (Ochsenwerder)