Marina near Mölle

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56° 16’ 57.7” N


12° 29’ 36.2” E


Popular fishing and yacht harbour on the west coast of Sweden - approx. 2 nm east of Kullen.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach to the fired harbour is possible day and night. It takes place with a maximum draught of 2 m in the white sector of the pier light - until you spot the leading light pair closer to the harbour and enter the harbour with 113°. In stormy, westerly and northwesterly winds, an unpleasant ground sea and difficult current conditions can make it impossible for yachts to enter and leave.


The guest berths are located behind the outer pier and on the southwest side of the middle pier. One lies in front of stern anchor. The water depth is 3 m. The busy boat harbour with only 1 m water depth is not suitable for guest berths. In stormy westerly and northwesterly winds there is an unpleasant swell in the harbour.


In the small and cozy place there are good supply possibilities. At the harbour itself you will find the usual sanitary facilities as well as a bunkering station and fresh water. The harbour has STF guest harbour standard.

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The popular fishing and yachting harbour on the west coast of Sweden has parallels with Arild on the other side of the headland, for example the restaurants and the hotels in a decidedly beautiful hillside location, as well as café terraces with excellent views of the north exit of the sound. In the summer months, however, it is much more touristy and lively here than in the former fishing village on the east side of the Kullen. From far away you can see the Grand Hotel, one of the most exclusive addresses in the rather exclusive Mölle, which rises on the slope above the village .

There is no shortage of restaurants and supply facilities. For example, you can buy smoked fish at the harbour.

A trip to the Kullen lighthouse on a hiking trail along the shore is highly recommended. The distance is a good three kilometres. From the lighthouse, you can return along the road over the Kulla Mountains, which passes one of Sweden's most beautiful golf courses.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m


Phone +46 727 347687
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website https://mollehamn.se
VHF Channel 16










Public Transport




jan hauke, lille Orm
bei nw ist der hafen ab 4bf ist der Hafen nicht zu empfehlen
04.03.2023 14:42
Hartmut Pflughaupt, Ratokker III
2 private rote Tonnen im Bereich dr Hafeneinfahrt (August 2022)
08.08.2022 15:56
Hartmut Pflughaupt, Ratokker III
Kein Fischhändler mehr am Hafen
08.08.2022 15:55

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