Marina near Nordborg

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55° 2’ 31.9” N


9° 42’ 15.6” E


The Dyvig is a very popular and sheltered bay in the north of the Als Sound.

NV Cruising Guide


The approach is only recommended during the day. Entering Stegsvig, the course to steer is 085°, keeping towards the two houses on the right at the end of Stegsvig. Then follow the buoyed, 3m deep channel through the "Stegløb". From the end of the buoyage, keep towards the hotel until you reach the anchorage or head for one of the two marinas. 


On the jetties on the north shore in front of the hotel at 2.3 to 5.5m water depth or south in the modern marina at 2.5 to 3m. You can anchor anywhere in the Dyvig, but the bottom is partly weedy.


One of the most beautiful bays in Denmark and often crowded. There is diesel and a kiosk with bread service.

NV Land Guide

Dyvig is a nature experience with its lovely landscape, but also with its steep hills. Small forests alternate with meadows, which give the walker a view of Dyvig and Mjels Vig again and again. The landscape and sailing area are perfect for relaxing and the children can safely sail around in the dinghy. There is also a bathing island in the bay near the hotel and a playground on the south shore.

For those looking for a change of pace, a visit to the small town of Nordborg, about four kilometres away, is recommended. Unfortunately, most of the once royal castle, Nordborg, is no longer standing. The remaining part of the building with its two unequal towers and the idyllic overgrown park still has its charm. Today, an adult education centre is housed within the old walls. The courtyard and garden are open to the public. Also worth seeing is the Nordborg Kirke. The overall appearance of the pretty little town also makes the trip inland a worthwhile excursion. A trip to Danfoss Universe, which can be reached by free bus from the harbour, promises a modern attraction.

The harbour kiosk in the marina offers basic shopping facilities and bread roll service, and this service is also provided at the hotel's restaurant. If you don't want to make the four-kilometre trip to Nordborg, you can also shop at the nearest grocery store in Holm, but this is also a good two kilometres away.

The hotel's restaurant also offers this service.

Marina Information

Max Depth 3 m


Phone +45 20 48 58 14
Email Please enable Javascript to read
Website http://www.db-dyvig.dk/havnen/
















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Sehr schön ist es hier, immer wieder.
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