Schaufenster Fischereihafen

Marina near Bremerhaven (Fischereihafen (Stadtteil))

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53° 31’ 19.5” N


8° 35’ 6.7” E


The Schaufenster Fischereihafen is a tourist hotspot in Bremerhaven. Despite the museum ship Fischdampfer Gera and the departure point of an excursion ship, most of the highlights are culinary. Of course, fish plays the main role. From the fish snack bar to the noble restaurant one can enjoy the outboard comrades. Those who don't want to crash on board can nestle in one of the hotels.

NV Cruising Guide


Through the fishing port lock hh+30 direction S. Then take the left entrance. Drive through almost to the end. 


There are hotels on the north and south sides. At the height of these are floating pontoons parallel to the quay wall. One goes alongside, to the emergency in the pack.


Electricity boxes are located at least on the north side on the quay. The cables must be relatively long.

Toilets and showers are located behind the tourist info in the same building. You have to ask for the code number when you check in. On a notice board you will find the number of the harbour master and the current prices. You can also check in yourself. You should have envelopes at hand.

Marina Information

Max Depth 5 m


VHF Channel 10








Public Transport


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