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54° 54’ 42.8” N


12° 3’ 4.1” E


Small fishing and ferry harbour on the southern shore of Bogø Island.

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The approach is possible by day and night and takes place from Grønsund via a buoyed and lighted dredging channel (target depth 3.1m). At night a leading light with 355° (2 F.G) leads through the dredging channel.

Caution: Cross-setting current at times, which has an effect mainly in the southern part of the channel.


Guests will find berths at the western yacht jetty. The places at the east jetty are mostly reserved for local boats. The water depth is 2 - 2.4m.

The ferry basin is closed to pleasure craft.


The very small harbour offers only very limited supply possibilities. The busy road to Møn passes directly by the harbour.

Ferry to Stubbekøbing.

NV Land Guide

Bogø was once called "the island of mills". Today, there is only one Dutch mill left on the island, which has a population of around 1000. If you pass the mill, which is located one kilometre north of the harbour, you will come to the village, which is divided into an "old village" and a "new village".

One of the sights in the old village (Gammelby) is a late Gothic church with frescoes by the Elmelundemeister (see Hårbølle, Fanefjord Church) and an altarpiece from around 1650.

The church's votive ships point to the small island's great seafaring past. Almost every family had "their sailor" and people from the days of Icelandic sailing still live here today. Bogø's former navigation school, located in the middle of the village, had a name all over Denmark. The bust of the school's founder, Chresten Berg, still stands in front of today's post office building. A local painter has painted a detailed map of the island on the gable wall of Bogø's old fire station. Close by the lighthouse is still the redoubt from which the island was defended in the war against the Swedes.

As late as the mid-17th century, the whole island was covered with a beech forest. Of this, only the eastern forest (Østerskov) remains today, where the Stone Age grave "Hulehøj" is located. The passage grave with 14 load-bearing and five capstones can be visited.

The island has lost much of its cosy atmosphere due to the construction of the Farø Bridge from Falster to Zealand. The road connecting the bridge structure to Møn runs immediately north of the harbour and leads east from Bogø over a causeway to Møn. So there is no question of peace and quiet here. Moreover, there is hardly any room for guest boats in the very small harbour. A visit to the island by ferry from Stubbekøbing is therefore more advisable. Moderate sanitary facilities and a kiosk with outdoor seating can be found in the harbour.

Marina Information

Max Depth 2 m


Phone +45 4018 08 17
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