Kieler Förde

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The Kieler Förde is the approx. 9nm long sea inlet in the southwestern part of the Kieler Bucht. The Kieler Förde is very well marked and fired and therefore navigational day and night possible. However, especially at the approaches of the Kiel Canal and the Friedrichsorter Enge the very strong shipping traffic should be considered. The area is the home port of many water sports enthusiasts from the Kiel area or even from further away. Also for people who come by sea through the Kiel Canal the city is a well-known stopover on their journey to the Baltic Sea. Berths in marinas and harbours can be found close to the centre of Kiel, or even further away depending on your preferences. For the passage through the NOK, you can use the berths provided directly in Holtenau. Explore all harbours, marinas and anchorages in the surroundings of Kiel.

NOK Einfahrt Holtenau
Navinfo near Kiel (Wik)
Marina Wendtorf
Marina near Wendtorf
Nord-Ostsee-Kanal - UKW-Kanäle
Navinfo near Kiel (Wik)
Laboe Yachthafen
Marina near Laboe
Kiel - Holtenau
Marina near Kiel (Holtenau)
Kiel - Düsternbrook
Marina near Kiel (Düsternbrook)
Marina near Kiel (Pries)
Laboe Marina Baltic Bay
Marina near Laboe
Lighthouse near Kiel
Marina near Mönkeberg
Lighthouse near Kiel (Friedrichsort)
Friedrichsorter Enge
Navinfo near Kiel
Marina near Strande
Kiel - Friedrichsorter Enge
Navinfo near Kiel
Marina near Kiel (Wik)
Kiel - Schwentine Wellingdorf
Marina near Kiel (Wellingdorf)
Marina near Kiel (Schilksee)
Marina near Kiel (Düsternbrook)
Wendtorf - Ring-Werft
Boat Repair & Boatyard near Wendtorf
Marina near Heikendorf
Marina near Kiel (Altstadt)
Marina near Heikendorf
Schwentine Dietrichsdorf
Marina near Kiel (Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf)
Fahrrinne Tiefe
Navinfo near Stein
Marina near Kiel
Leuchtturm Bülk
Lighthouse near Strande
Marina Rathje GmbH
Marina near Kiel (Pries)
Kassenautomat NOK
Navinfo near Kiel (Holtenau)
NOK Tagesfahrzeiten
Navinfo near Wendtorfer-Strand
Kassenautomat NOK
Navinfo near Kiel (Holtenau)
NOK Tagesfahrzeiten
Navinfo near Kiel (Holtenau)
Knierim Yachtbau
Marina near Kiel
Warnung Dalben
Navinfo near Kiel (Friedrichsort)
Ölpier Mönkeberg - Befahren des Baustellenbereichs verboten
Navinfo near Kiel (Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf)
Foto near Kiel (Wellingdorf)
NOK Weichensignale
Navinfo near Altenholz
Foto near Kiel (Altstadt)
Bootstankstelle Strande
Fuelstation near Strande
Friedrichsort - REWE
Grocery near Kiel (Friedrichsort)
Schiffswerft Laboe Yachthandel
Marine Equipment near Laboe